Strategy, governance and

Working with people-focussed organisations

strategic advice – practical support

Strategy and Policy

Strategic planning and development for good governance and continuous improvement. Practical support for values refresh, policy review and development and annual reporting.

Quality Management

Quality improvement services, resources and projects for a person-centred approach. Strengthening your culture by embedding standards alongside your mission and values.


Design, development and facilitation of collaboration, consultation and co-design processes to  inform business decisions and improve customer and stakeholder experience.

Project support

Bolster internal resources to get work done with expert support whether its project research, planning, development, delivery, or review. We also offer change communication and change management support.

Scalable, Affordable Solutions

Strategic Support provides organisations with scalable, affordable solutions and support


Bolster your in-house resources with practical expert advice, planning and tools to build capacity and improve outcomes.

NFP Rates

Discount rates for registered not for profit and charitable organisations seeking to improve governance, align their business and create social good.


Whether¬† in the public, private and not-for profit sector, we’ve got experience working with the widest array of stakeholders across a broad spectrum of issues.

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