Social consultancy- a new model of business support?

Social consultancy combines the principles of social enterprise and the services of more traditional strategic consultancy. The aim is to provide innovative and purposeful business solutions that also deliver some social good.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme has created a new market place that is forcing a rethink on staffing models, service models and pricing. CEOs are saying they have to do things differently if they are to deliver individual outcomes and remain viable. Organisations wanting to turn their principles into practice are looking for tailored solutions attuned to their market proposition and values and the NDIS rules. They don’t want off the shelf, formulaic approaches that don’t lend themselves to the human services environment. There is demand for agile, creative problem solving to meet the growing and changing business needs of disability service providers and local governments entering the NDIS.

Social consultancies provide on demand access insight and expertise. It is pragmatic and affordable solution often with community rates available for registered not for profit providers and charities. Pro bono support can be offered to peak bodies to support sector and community capacity building.

As organisations seek to translate their principles into practice in the NDIS,  it is critical that consultants not only understand business but also disability. A shared a commitment to individual outcomes and sector capacity building provides the best fit in supporting organisations to make the transition.

We’ve heard of values based recruitment, how do we ensure business service providers also walk the talk? What do you think consultants can do to better support providers to take their mission to market?