Resources to align policy
and support change

The NDIS is an uncertain and changeable thing.  While processes, definitions and timeframes keep changing as the system is operationalised, the good news for policy makers is that some things are certain – values and principles.

In times of uncertainty, embedding your vision and values in all operational policies provides stability and continuity for customers and staff experiencing vast change. Embedding the principles of the NDIS provides confidence that your organisation is moving with the times and lays the foundations for smoother transition.

The principles underpin the scheme, regardless of the model, implementation process or timeframe. They  include rights, safeguarding, individualised funding, person-centred planning, self-direction, outcomes focused services, choice etc. They should be part of organisational activity for all disability service providers intending to part of the NDIS whether they are ‘in’ yet or not.

There are plenty of resources to help organisations get ready for the NDIS. The NDIS legislation and the National Standards for Disability Services provide an excellent framework for respecting and protecting human rights in a service environment as well as guidelines on good services and ways to deliver individual outcomes. WA NDIS operational policies explain how things work. Service providers already have internal business intelligence from quality evaluations, complaints and serious incidents sign post areas for improvement. Consultation is really important. (more on that next time)

Listed below are some key resources for contemporary, relevant operational policy.



What others resources should be added to this list?