Person Centred
Marketing Principles

Traditionally marketing has been about organisations using information platforms to sell their product or service. Organisations decided what, where and how that information would be provided and a lot of it was glossy.  

In the disability sector, the NDIS with its promise of individual choice and control is challenging that approach. While slick advertising types may be quick to push organisations to campaigns, the people accessing services are seeking high quality, authentic services that put people at the centre of everything they do. What would a person-centred approach to marketing look like? How do you translate not for profit values of inclusion, equity, and respect into the commercial reality of the NDIS?Without access to the right information, in the right format at the right time, who can exercise choice? If a decision is not truly informed who has control?

The demand for transparency and authenticity is loud. Organisational values are not just for operational environments. Values need to be embedded in administration and business support services to truly ensure people-centred approaches. Part of the answer may lay in the requirements of the NDIS, the principles with the NDIS Act, national service standards and consumer law. Many of the principles of accessible information apply. To my mind, the principles for person centred marketing might look a little like this:  

  1. Information is factual and complete
  2. Information is available when people want it, where they want it and in a way that is useful to them
  3. The communication channels used are those preferred by the customer
  4. Information is accessible and available in a range of ways
  5. Information is designed to support informed decision-making and choice
  6. Publicly available includes ‘internal’ business information like quality evaluations and service charters as well as external information developed for promotional or public information purposes.

There are plenty of tools to help make this a reality for truly people focussed businesses. If you need a hand translating and embedding your mission and values into your business, get in touch at There’s also some training coming up this month on how to use journey mapping to improve customer engagement. If you’re a small to medium provider looking to build your internal capacity to engage, there’s a workshop on  the rules and tools of engagement in June.