Policy audit and improvement

Disability service providers have a legal and ethical obligation to provide high quality, safe services for the customers. A comprehensive policy manual is one of the ways organisations can demonstrate how their mission informs their practice. The policy manual sets the context and rules for the provision of contemporary specialist disability services.

Strategic Support was contracted to initially review a handful of policies. The client expanded the contract to a full audit of all policies based on the initial performance. I provided policy advice and guidance as part of the review of content. That included a critical read and review of all policy positions and guidelines. Amendments and additions were recommended to ensure the policies Satisfied the requirements of the alignment to National Standards for Disability Services and NDIS legislation and were aligned to the then proposed code of conduct as part of the pending quality and safeguarding framework. The audit ensured the policies included references to all relevant legislation and cross referenced related procedures and policies to help staff navigate their way to the information they needed. All language and terminology was assessed to ensure it was contemporary and used a people first approach.

The policy audit identified a small number of policy gaps and amendments and additional content was provided. Policy conflicts between concepts, principles or guidelines that appeared to operate in contradiction were revised.

The policy audit and update provided for improved communication of policy to staff and customers through the use of plain English to ensure policies were easier to follow and understand. There was greater clarity on information and policies intended for internal or external audiences. The client was also better prepared for any evaluation or query with regards to how its policies contributed to high quality and safeguards.

Strategic Support can provide a range of policy supports including policy research, development of new policies, policy consultation, codesign of policy with customers, policy audit and alignment of existing policies. For more information email